What are Notebook Babies?  Notebook Babies are little films that are designed to help kids learn but, like kids, they are sometimes silly. 

About their creator:  Tony Dusko was born in Readign, Pennsylvania.  As the son of a commercial artist he was exposed to art at an early age and enjoyed drawing and using up his father’s art supplies.  He then went on to study art in college, but also earned a degree in Biology with a certification in Elementary Education.  After five years as a biologist, Dusko became bored and decided to teach elementary school.  It was during his second year of teaching that he discovered how his artistic background could help motivate his fifth graders to stop talking.  One day he created a simple animation of a grilled cheese sandwich telling his students to get ready for lunch.  To his surprise, the fifth graders loved it, quickly got ready for lunch, and begged him to make more animations.  So to improve his skills, Dusko began studying animation with Academy Award nominated, Paul Fierlinger, who has independently produced over 700 animated films.  Dusko has since created short films for many school topics. In fact, many of his films have been featured on Sesame Street, including three this upcoming season. However, Tony continues to create short films to liven up his every day teaching and keep his students smiling. 



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